Finger on the button

If George Bush was as clumsy as two members of the Welsh Assembly the world might have ended by now.

Yesterday, the chamber was full in anticipation of the big budget vote at the end of the day. But there were other items to get through first.

The opposition planned to vote out the Business Statement in the same way that they later rejected the budget.

The result should have been 29-30 against the government. But they ended up winning the vote 30-28.

Apparently the electronic voting system was just too complicated for some politicians.

The concept of pressing a button against the vote got the better of the Conservative Party's Alun Cairns, who accidentally voted in favour of it.

"I need to confess that the opposition lost the Business Statement because I voted the wrong way. I can’t explain. I must have had my mind on other things," he said.

At least he managed to press a button at all. Eleanor Burnham of the Lib Dems failed even to register a vote. For some reason Lib Dem blogger Peter Black isn't so smug about her ineptidude as he is about Alun Cairns.

So the Welsh political agenda now takes a slightly different track because a couple of politicans have their fingers on the wrong buttons.

Thank God we have no nuclear weapons.

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