Ignore maths questions

I've just asked Ashley Crossley, conservative candidate at the last election, what the answer is to 8x7. My mouthpiece was Iain Dale, presenter of Vox Politics on 18 Doughty Street.

Ashley lost to Julia Goldsworthy in the Falmouth and Camborne constituency last year.

Julia subsequently shot up the Lib Dem ladder and became Shadow Chief Secretary of the Treasury within a year of getting elected. Journalists were queuing to trip her up - she is after all young and female - and she duly fell flat on her face.

8x7? 42 she asserted.

The Indy and the Mirror had fun with that one.

Ashley Crossley, though, refused to answer.

This is, of course, the correct approach.

Except that he's a partner and tax lawyer in the biggest law firm on earth. Surely simple sums should be rolling off his tongue?

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