Never far from McDonald's

I did a google search for a list of countries at war. Instead it gave me a list of countries with McDonald's franchises.

It looks like McDonald's has failed where the British empire succeeded: colonising Africa.

So what do you do if you're in the Congo and gagging for a McFlurry?

Do you dodge the McHutus and the McTutsis and treck thousands of miles to the nearest golden arches in Egypt?

Or do you head south through the McGenocide and the desert towards South Africa and hope that you come across a trot-thru for you and your camel along the way?

[The countries in grey have no McDonald's]

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posted by Blamerbell @ 9:33 pm,


At 8:16 pm, Anonymous Simplisi said...

But there is a Wimpy in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe!


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