Oil, Oil, Oil

Whenever there's a manmade international crisis, arguments over oil bubble and spit not far from the surface.

The Soviet Union, Iraq and now North Korea.

Today, Kim Jong-il is thought to have come into line and called off threats to conduct a second nuclear test.

China supplies 80% of North Korea's oil and threatened to cut off the pipeline.

It's as simple as that.

Is this the end of it?

Probably not.

Japan now has cause to revise its constitution and openly strengthen its already formidable military. China emerges emboldened as a power with genuine influence on the world stage. America has renewed justification for its nuclear programme and a mandate for its continued presence in east Asia.

And North Korea knows it can easily stir up international paranoia at the touch of a button, albeit at the expense of a few frozen assests and the confiscation of a couple of tins of caviar.

But American scientists have revealed an ingenious new way in which they might find out just what's going on in notoriously secretive North Korea.

They've come up with an invisibility cloak.

And with all that's happening in Iraq at the moment, not to mention the possibility of crushing defeats for the Republicans in the midterms, George Bush could probably use one.

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