Sausages and sanctions

Today I had nothing for breakfast and a tuna crunch sandwich for lunch.

Then the UN voted unanimously to impose sanctions on North Korea.

There's no military clause so we shouldn't see world war three anytime soon.

But North Korea won't be seeing any material that can be used to make missiles or nuclear weapons - they're banned.

Japan announced its own sanctions earlier in the week, including a ban on luxury goods. As if a dearth of Oil of Olay could cause a revolution in one of the world's most oppressive regimes.

In South Korea people eat deep fried sausages on sticks. These are re-fried in batter and covered in curly chips. These are re-fried and covered in breadcrumbs. These are then re-fried one final time. (And they wonder why the Japanese have a longer life expectancy.)

In North Korea people rely on the the World Food Programme. At the moment it has received just one tenth of the money promised.

A sausage would be some luxury.

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