USA gifts to UN Security Council

After 41 rounds of voting the UN still can't decide whether they want Venezuela or Guatemala on the Security Council.

What's certain is that if the current trend continues, whoever wins the vote will get a lot more money from the US and a fair bit more from the UN.

Research from Harvard academics Ilyana Kuziemko and Eric Werker says that countries that take one of the two non-permanent security council seats usually see a whopping 59% increase in aid from the US.

This little nugget comes from fellow Harvard don Greg Mankiw, whose blog is certainly worth a read.

It would be very interesting if Venezuela got the seat. I doubt Bush would want to give Chavez any sweeteners.

Of course, the US already ploughs money into Venezuela, but it does so in the form of 'pro-democracy programmes' which allegedly aim to undermine the Chavez government.

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