What future for Maggie's children?

2056 - What future for Maggie's children?

That's what the policy exchange asked in their new study about the eighties generation.

The conclusion? We're a bit 'unlucky'.

Impossible house prices, student debt, increases in the retirement age...

and to cap it off 'the erosion of family ties increases [our] risk of isolation as [we] grow older'.

Great, I'll look forward to that.

For me, the most exciting thing about mother Maggie is that she was part of the team that invented whippy ice cream in her days as a food scientist. The Tory authors of this report have certainly taken the soft approach as Maggie emerges blameless. That's a bit like a coroner overlooking the cause of death.

Good news, though. If David Cameron gets elected he'll implement an 'incentive-based planning system' to sort it all out.

Do you want a flake in that?

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