5.18 to Swansea

I caught up with Robin Shaw, Director of Transport Wales, on his way to the public meeting in Caldicot last night, over the cancellation of commuter services in Wales.

We were waiting for the 5.18 from Cardiff to Swansea. From December, that service will cease to exist.

That means it'll be almost an hour between the express services to Swansea at peak time. And as one irate commuter explained, those services come from London and are invariably late and over-subscribed anyway.

As the 5.18 came in, Robin Shaw pointed out that all those people on the train at Cardiff would soon have to get off and wait for another train. He estimates around 200 people will have to put up with this inconvenience from December - hardly the best month to begin hanging around on Cardiff's exposed, open platforms.

All this has been approved by the Department for Transport, of course, against the will of the Welsh Assembly.

No wonder people don't want to leave their cars at home.

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At 1:08 pm, Blogger Simplisi said...

There are a few more cuts which haven't made the news yet.

Services from Cardiff to and from Bristol start later and finish earlier:

First train from Cardiff Central to Bristol Temple Meads runs at 0630, instead of 0440.

Last train from Cardiff Central to Bristol Temple Meads runs at 2200, instead of 2252.

have a browse through:


at individual stations!

The popular 07:25 Cardiff to London is 10 minutes slower!

At 1:26 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

Cheers simplisi.

I'll bear that in mind next time I want to go to Bristol to see the sunrise:)


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