AMs wot blog - the definitive survey

Are politicians' blogs a genuine attempt to communicate with voters, or a plaything for geekoids who are carried away with their internet personas? And what about politicians who don't blog? Are they missing out, or simply retaining their dignity?

As you can see from the links in my sidebar, the Welsh Assembly has quite a contingent of bloggers. But they are still outnumbered by those who don't.

So, I'm going to do a survey. I'll email all the Welsh Assembly members and ask them about their blogging habits. I'll talk to the key players - Leighton Andrews (Labour), Peter Black (Lib Dem) and Glyn Davies (Tory) - the Assembly's blogistocracy.

Radio Wales's Eye on Wales recently made a programme about the Welsh blogging scene. But I'll look at Welsh Assembly bloggers in particular.

Who's at it? What drives them? Frankly, what's the point?

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