Assembly politicians finger Elis-Thomas

Punch and Judy politics? Playground politics? Or simply, Welsh Assembly politics? A joke in itself these days. This is the kind of behaviour our politicians get up to in the chamber:

Watch David Davies and Mick Bates caught on camera as they give the Presiding Officer, Lord Elis-Thomas, the finger.

As I've written before, the standard of debate in the Senedd is often appalling. I watched yesterday's debate on the Queen's speech, and David Davies (Tory) was particularly noticeable for his childish interventions. Not constructive observations, not even relevant interventions, but rather little jokes and snide remarks that betrayed his obvious contempt for the proceedings.

It's no wonder the Tories weren't keen on selecting his father as a candidate in 2007.

Unless the politicians themselves take Welsh politics seriously, they've no hope of persuading the public to give a damn in the lead-up to the next election.

Still, it is quite funny. Tee-hee.

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