Blogged off #001 - Carl Sargeant

Carl Sargeant AM, November 2nd:
'Welcome to the weblog, its seems everyone, well most people now have one. Its either X-factor or create blog! Guess who won. Anyway, lets see how it goes for the next few weeks.'

Total number of posts: 3

Last post: November 8th

Longest nonsensical sentence:
'On a lighter note Traditional Tory ‘Melding’ lay claim to his ignorance of one of the Saturday Night TV programme presenters and while i can’t actually see Melding doing x-factor, i was surprised when he suggested that its only recently that he found out Ant ‘n’ Dec (Saturday Night Live) was actually two people. Gave me a laugh though.'

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At 1:24 pm, Anonymous Oli said...

This was the AM whose blog I mentioned the other day. He hasn't even got around to changing the boilerplate copy on his About page.

At 2:03 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

Tssch. Lazy. Good job we're on the prowl.


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