Demolition Tories

Not content with just an A-list the Tories are now planning to draw up and X-list.

The list will bring together buildings the public would like to see knocked down, the Observer reports today.

But even though it would be tempting to demolish a number of eyesores, who's to say that today's Milton Keynes won't be tomorrow's Venice?

The Germans and the Japanese have a particular habit of doing this. When the Germans knocked down the old East German parliament building they bulldozed a part of their history.

Some buildings are, of course, beyond repair, but in most cases old buildings are sacrificed for the sake of modern blandness. Far better to re-purpose them so that they speak of the past and to the present. Or are we done with postmodernism already?

(left: top of the X-list?)

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At 7:27 pm, Anonymous Chris Doidge said...

I love Milton Keynes! While summing up a key point in Britain's history - the 1980s - it's actually a very well-designed town, and can surely only offend those opposed to roundabouts?

At 8:29 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

This guy disagrees with you:

"Calling MFK a rathole is insulting to rats. It is a bleak, concrete conurbation populated by burberry-wearing chavs and their squawling welfare brats. The buildings are all ugly beyond comprehension and the whole place is about as cheery and welcoming as Chernobyl."


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