Iain Dale and the establishment

Iain Dale tells us he's a blogger, an Essex Boy, West Ham season ticket holder, Audi lover, golfer, iPod addict and so on.

But he's also a signed-up member of the establishment.

Strange then that his new internet TV station, 18 doughty street, should pretend not to be. It's 'anti-establishment TV,' all about 'empowering the little people,' says Dale.

Recent guests include David Trimble, Ann Widdecombe (twice) and David Davis. Little people, if they are there, must be so small they aren't showing up on the screen.

But last week, Dale admitted what we knew all along. 'Guido and I have joined the media Establishment according to the Press Gazette's LIST of the 50 People Shaping Online Journalism,' he writes on November 10th.

So why deny it? Dale could soon be a Tory MP, and he's already getting irate at suggestions from certain Welsh bloggers that perhaps he isn't being as frank as he'd like to be.

There's a pub around the corner from 18DS. Here's a map. Iain, if you're reading, get down there, talk to people and start taking the establishment less seriously.

It may be fun talking to big names, but that won't empower any little people.

[Note: This entry was mistakenly published with an October entry date earlier today. It's now republished with the correct date. Iain Dale responded thus: 'Saucer of milk anyone?']

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At 1:13 pm, Blogger Praguetory said...

Anne W is not up for reselection and I can hardly think of a political figure less likely to toe a line. She was excellent on 18DS. Trimble is also hardly afraid to express his own views. All the names you mention are coups for a new media venture. Your criticism is a little harsh I think.

I do understand what you are saying (and might agree if you framed it differently), but unless you can be a bit more objective in your criticism, it's hard to take your points seriously.

At 11:38 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

Coups, yes. But coups and big interviews are what the established broadcasters do.

I'm not saying that 18DS isn't interesting, or that the guests don't have anything to say - if you're a regular viewer you'll know that I am too!

What I'm saying is that it's been billed as empowering the little guy and being anti-establishment. It is, in essence, neither.

I happen to think there's a lot more space for little people on TV. I believe Iain does too, but for whatever reason 18DS hasn't yet fully embraced that route.

At 8:01 am, Blogger Praguetory said...

I have heard your name once or twice on it, but I'm not as regular as you I think. Agree it would be good for them to do some more work in the regions.


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