Ioan Gruffudd enters Burberry debate

Ioan Gruffudd has spoken out in the 'Keep Burberry British' debate, and now finds himself in the peculiar position of backing a campaign against products his celebrity endorses.

Grufudd was made the global face of Burberry last year, but this week he wrote a letter to the company's chief executive asking him to 'choose an alternative course of action' to the plan of closing their plant in the Rhondda, at the cost of 300 jobs.

It's something of an unprecedented move for a brand's star promoter to start lobbying against it - a bit like Jennifer Aniston telling people that L'oreal makes your hair fall out or David Beckham saying that Pepsi is bad for your teeth.

Of course, if the factory still closes Gruffudd will be in a real pickle. Does he carry on promoting Burberry, or shed his clothes for the lobbyists?

Women everywhere will be hoping for the latter.

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