Our dead, not yours

The conditions here are terrible. There is sewage everywhere. It pollutes our water. Most people use buckets and plastic bags for toilets. Our children suffer all the time for diarrhoea and other diseases because it is so filthy.
Mary Akinyi, Nairobi, Kenya

The United Nation Delveopment Programme's latest human development data was released this week. You can see it HERE.

It reports that a sixth of the world's population still doesn't have access to safe, clean water, while over a third doesn't have access to sanitation.

But do we care?

Here's what you get if you search for a story about it in our mainstream press: Telegraph, Times, Guardian, Independent, Sun, Mirror.

Virtually nothing, with the exception of the Guardian.

Today we purport to remember our war dead. The papers are full of their usual second world war inspired bombast.

Never mind the 5,000 children who die every day because they can't even get a clean glass of water.

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