Poppy watch

Every year there's a race to be the first politician to put on a poppy.

Then, as soon as someone makes the move, the world of public figures obsesses about the redness of its lapels. Nobody wants to be left out. And so it's only a matter of time before people start to wear two or three poppies, just to show how compassionate they are.

The man to blame for the madness this year is Jim Devine MP. He sported his poppy in mid-October, which means he was wearing one before they even went on sale. The British Legion begins selling two weeks before remembrance day, but makes them available in advance to politicians and the media. Goodness knows why, two weeks is quite enough.

Katherine Jenkins (left) launched the appeal in a dress made of 2,500 poppies. I've heard that Huw Edwards, not wanting to be outdone, is thinking of reading the news all week from a bath full of them, a la American Beauty.

A spokesman for the legion said: "People can wear them when they like and where they like. We're just grateful and thankful to the millions of people who wear them with pride."

I can think of one place I wouldn't want to pin one.

(Incidentally, I've no idea why Katherine Jenkins decided to launch the campaign in front of the Berlin Wall.)

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At 10:06 pm, Blogger chrysoberyl said...

Hahaha lol.
Well said. So true and annoying when people wear thier poppy so early...


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