Return of the EU Constitution

They tried, they failed. But now, it's back. Smaller and lighter than before...

French MEP Alain Lamassoure, the man behind Nicolas Sarkozy's plan to bring back the EU Constitution in a slimmed down form - the so called "mini-treaty" - has spelled out the French Presidential hopeful's strategy for getting the proposal accepted by EU countries.

He said that the premise for Sarkozy's approach is that any attempt to relaunch the Constitution "could not be allowed to fail". Lamassoure has said that this means that EU leaders have to agree not to hold referendums, except in Ireland. He made it clear that the text would not be renegotiated as such and that there would be an agreement to retain the "heart of the Constitution" on which, according to Lamassoure, there had been a strong consensus. He argued that as this would only be an ordinary treaty, there would be no need to "annoy the people" with another referendum.
(From Open Europe)

I'm sure Gordon Brown will enjoy clearing that up for us.

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