A Royal Mess

Assembly candidates are already getting into trouble for blogging their opinions. Alun Davies, who heads Labour's regional candidate list in Mid and West Wales, has criticised Prince Charles's decision to buy a house on Carmarthenshire's Llynywormwood estate.

He wrote:

The aristocracy can choose where they live without caring for the consequences of their easy decisions. And despite the lame questions of a feeble and obsequious media who simply report the PR of toadies and courtiers, my view is that we need to be more circumspect about the Prince's purchase - and its impact upon those people who cannot afford a week's rental of the estate and the luxury of a week's social climbing in the Royal Bed.

The Tories, in particular, have reacted furiously. But to be honest, who cares? In fact, it's rather a good blog entry.

Read more, http://www.alundavies.org.uk/

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At 12:55 pm, Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

Flippin 'eck, have you seen his sub-heading:

Yn ymladd dros sosialiaeth yn y canolbarth a’r gorllewin - Fighting for socialism in Mid and West Wales

he'll be kicked out of the party for that, surely?

Ok, so he's not actually an AM at the moment, but it's a good blog. Interesting to see the Tories and (some) Labour have a right old fight over the monarchy.

At 1:45 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

It's curious, no mention of the 's' word in Labour's press release when he was chosen to top the list.

Labour won a regional seat in Mid & West Wales in '99, so there's a chance he could get in. Even more peculiar then, that they've picked a socialist.

Still, it's about time we had a proper falling out over the monarchy.


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