The Republic of Scotland

There's a "clear consensus" for an independent Scotland, says Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party.

What he means is that one poll had 51% in favour of independence yesterday. I dread to think what would happen to the hyperbole if there was ever a bigger than 2% gap in opinion.

But the fact remains that of all the devolved governments, the Scots are the most keen on going it alone.

Tony Blair said that people would soon realise the "folly of the SNP position."
But if the SNP gain power in next year's elections (or indeed, ever) they have promised to call a referendum on independence within four years. You could then excpect calls for an English parliament to become more potent, especially if a Scot was presiding over Westminster. There are already a lot of frustrated Englishmen out there, among them the vocal Campaign for an English Parliament. Logically, they have a strong case and they know it.

Never mind Iraq, Tony Blair's legacy might just be the break-up of the union.

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