A big yawn for the Welsh Assembly elections

Full marks to the Tories for issuing press releases on Boxing Day - a sure sign that elections are imminent.

Shame it didn't really say anything though, except that the bloated Christmas dinner feeling seems to have crept into the language:

“Rhodri Morgan leads a tired, stale government which is yawning its way to electoral defeat on May 3.

Labour is failing in Wales and they are failing at Westminster. The people of Britain have put them on notice to quit.

The Welsh public is tired of Rhodri Morgan and Tony Blair. People can make the Assembly elections a turning point in Welsh politics.

It is their chance to reject Labour’s stranglehold on our country and set it on a different course, one free from arrogance, complacency, incompetence and control freakery.

Welsh Conservatives recognise that there are no quick fixes to the endless list of problems caused by this tired Labour government.

Labour lacks the energy and ideas to meet that challenge, while recent events have shown that Plaid Cymru is prepared to prop-up that failing party both in the Assembly and local government.

The people of Wales are looking for a real alternative to this tired Labour government, not a variation of it."

So, that's the Tory line. I sense they are trying to say the Labour government is tired. But that's just a hunch.

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