Bloggers say the nicest things

Just spotted this from BBC Wales Westminster correspondent David Cornock:

Sounds good

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Ciaran Jenkins, author of Blamerbell Briefs and a rising star of the blogosphere, recently described my efforts as "sound but infrequent".

Ciaran may have confused me with someone without a job or a life but at the risk of failing his time and motion study again, I'm taking some time off over Christmas...

Not a disciple of the Peter Black school of blogging then - even posting on Christmas eve after being bitten by a dog.

Indeed, Mr Black too has kind words about this blog. (If only I could fashion one of those Iain Dale style changing banners of flattery.)

And so, as you can see by this meandering 2am trudge through the results of my weekly self-aggrandizing google search, you're right David: probably best to give it a rest over Christmas.

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