Ireland and its EU fetish

Many people, when they visit Ireland, are impressed with the cultural glue that holds it all together. There's something distinctive, they say, that makes the country feel like quite a vibrant, prosperous place.

It is, of course, EU badges. They're everywhere. Farms, buildings, roads, trains... there's even rumours they'll be emblazoned on pints of Guinness before long.

No wonder, then, that support for the EU is stronger in Ireland than in any other member state.

Eight out of 10 people see membership as a good thing and nine out of 10 believe Ireland has benefited as a country by joining, writes the Evening Herald. And you can hardly blame them when the fruits of EU membership are so visible all over the country.

Ireland's economic growth looks set to be 5.9% this year. Still no excuse for charging more than 5 euros for a pint of the black stuff, in my book.

Anyone who says Scotland couldn't go it alone should be very worried by the success Ireland has had in playing the EU game.

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