Marcel Berlins: You are not worthy

As I read Marcel Berlins' piece in the Guardian's dead wood edition today, I could already imagine the torrent of user-generated outrage which would inevitably appear over on the online version.

Any piece which starts "what's so great about 'ordinary' people?" is doomed from the beginning. But then some articles might at least be saved by a decent argument or some good writing. Marcel's piece had neither.

It was an ill-informed eulogy for the professional journalist whose every sentence oozed with a barely-concealed fear that for people who simply put words on paper, the game might soon be up.

"The philosophy I object to, which the internet's information explosion has fostered, is that the "ordinary" person is as - no, even more - important to the dissemination of knowledge, information and opinion as the expert or the professional," he writes.

Well Marcel, if the professionals produce that sort of tripe, who can blame us for looking elsewhere?

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