Presiding officer backs English Parliament

Dafydd Elis-Thomas, presiding officer of the Welsh Assembly, is in favour of a devolved English government.

To be fair, he's had plenty of time to come up with opinions on any number of issues, given that he is no more than a political vegetable most of the time. How tedious his job must be, and yet how much he wants to keep it.

Never mind the campaign for an English parliament, surely there must be a campaign simmering for a new presiding officer and deputy to replace the ever-tiffing Dafydd El and John Marek (Independent). It is quite ridiculous that the Labour administration continues to govern with neither of the vote-surrendering positions occupied by its members.

Any number of the Labour AMs on this page could occupy that seat with little difficulty. Indeed, some of them look as if they'd enjoy sitting around festering just as much as the current incumbent.

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