Save Spillers Records that my dad still has somewhere to shop to prove he has a cooler taste in music than me.

Axe Spillers and you'll unleash a whole host of goatees and anoraks on Cardiff, and there just isn't the space in the tactical war games shop accommodate them. They already look like frightened animals when they emerge from their hovel, nervously sporting their trademark Spillers Records t-shirts.

Best to let them stay in that stinking old record shop, where we can an eye on them.

Incidentally, the Guardian is a bit late on this one. It's been running for months.

Oh, and yes. It's the world's oldest record shop. Hoorah.

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At 9:51 pm, Blogger Dylan Jones-Evans said...

Having been referred to your blog by a mate, I am glad I took the time to look your blog - excellent and irreverent content!

Good article on Spillers - i am sad to say that I used to hang out there during my student days in cardiff in the 1980s and managed to get four Live Aid tickets (for the original concert) in the days before ticketmaster and the touts got hold of them first.

Thanks for the link to the DJE website too

At 11:00 am, Blogger Blamerbell said...

Cheers. Good to see you've shaved off your goatee since then!


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