The fire behind the Welsh smoking ban

Are Assembly Members Ann Jones, Karen Sinclair and Glyn Davies right to table an amendment calling for Wales' smoking ban to come into force at the same time as in England?

Wales was due to break with the fags on April 2nd, but if the tar-happy triumvirate in the Senedd get their way the ban won't come into place until July.

They say businesses on the border will lose out as Welsh people shift their locals over to England.

Whatever happened to taking the lead and making England jealous?

Just one day more of cancer-fuelled fog in our pubs is a day too many.

UPDATE: The amendments were defeated and Wales will have its smoking ban on April 2nd.

But what on earth is Leanne Wood blogging about? She doesn't want to see 'smokers marginalised'. Well, Leanne, I don't want to see my lungs marginalised! Good job there was little support for your amendment, as you predicted.

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At 10:45 pm, Blogger Glyn Davies AM said...

We lost the vote - but won the argument (in my opinion). 12 voted with us - and I reckon there were another twelve who would have done, except that they were prostrating themselves before their leaders.


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