Has Huw Lewis saved the children yet?

Merthyr AM Huw Lewis entered the blogosphere in October. Since then, we've had 11 posts, the most recent on December 6th.

Huw's first post goes like this:

"I’m hoping this blog is going to make it easier for people across Merthyr & Rhymney to keep track of my work on your behalf, and to ask questions about local and national issues. Being completely new to blogging, I’m happy to hear any suggestions for the site."

Here's a suggestion: use it.

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At 6:23 pm, Blogger bethan said...

I think he's too scared to deal with the anti open cast protestors. They would probably crash his blog with complaints for how he has failed to support their campaign.

At 7:35 pm, Anonymous seren said...

Alun Davies, Huw Lewis... F for fail when it comes to blogging (unclassified when it comes to politics)

At 4:10 pm, Blogger bethan said...

'Apologies to anyone who actually reads this blog for information purposes (ie not Ciaran who reads it because he has nothing else to do), I will make it my new year’s resolution to try and be more active with it.'

This on Huw Lewis's blog today. Not very nice treatment of one of his constituents....tut.


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