Is Eleanor Burnham racist?

Labour are calling for the Lib Dems to kick out North Wales AM Eleanor Burnham after she used the word "Japs" in the chamber.

Mrs Burnham said: "Why not invest in the Maglev train that the Japs use to whizz through the countryside at about 320mph, rather than piddling around at 60mph as we do?"

Burn her! Burn her!

In her defence, Mrs Burnham claimed that British people are sometimes referred to as "Brits".

The problem with "Japs", however, is that it was a derogatory term used to stir-up racial hatred during the second world war. Japanese people were also commonly referred to as "Nips" and monkeys.

But Mrs Burnham has already apologised and clearly intended no offence. What more can you expect from a 'foul-mouthed gog'?

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