Peter the Great or Peter Vain? You decide...

What is it about Welsh Secretaries that keeps them in the headlines? I mean Secretaries of State of course, except in the case of William Hague, when he was effectively dating his job title.

This week, the current incumbent, Peter Hain, accelerated his bid to become Deputy Prime Minister. Firstly, by scaremongering over the future of the union, and secondly by stumbling into a criticism of U.S. foreign policy as a "failure wherever it's been tried," forgetting perhaps that his government has backed it all the way.

The blogosphere went straight on the attack:

Tory Press Officer Richard Hazlewood is scathing of the 'blethering' Welsh Secretary.

Peter Black
, friend of the fox community, wonders who Peter Hain thinks he's fooling.

Newboy Chanticleer goes with 'The US of Hain', while Ted Jones just doesn't get the hero-worshipping of Peter Hain amongst Welsh journalists.

Finally, advert-hating Bethan Jenkins pulls no punches on 'Hain the hypocrite'.

Opinion on the blogs is, for once, united.

Anyone prepared to stand up for the chap?

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At 8:19 pm, Anonymous chris doidge said...

I love a challenge.


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