Sports journalists: idle and wrong

Ever been to a game of football and then got home to read a match report bearing no resemblance to what you've just seen?

Frustrating, isn't it?

Cardiff had a pretty poor attendance of just 12,000 this weekend. And it seems that whatever our missing fans were doing, the contingent of sports journalists must have been there with them - because they certainly weren't at the game.

Those of us at Ninian Park saw an absolute stunner, thanks solely to Michael Chopra who scored a hat-trick of goals, each one of them struck into the top right-hand corner of the net. I'd be surprised if I ever witness such a beautiful threesome ever again.

The Guardian, however, called the third goal a "simple tap-in". It was actually a thunderbolt from outside the box.

The BBC fared no better, claiming Chopra's second was set up by a "slide-rule pass" from Joe Ledley. In reality, it was a perfectly weighted long ball from Stephen McPhail that put Cardiff's leading scorer through.

Even the laziest hack could simply have watched the goals played repeatedly on Sky Sports News last night to glean the most basic of facts about them. For some sports journalists, it seems, even that's too much to ask.

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At 6:40 pm, Anonymous chris doidge said...

I love a flame war.

Bring it on...


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