Tories must come clean on Tax

Welsh Conservatives have been snarling at Labour over council tax for some time. Today, they revealed the full scale of the outrage that followed the controversial revaluation of homes in 2003. There were upwards of 30,000 appeals in total, with almost 20,000 resulting in a band change.

Council tax in Wales has risen a whopping 186% since 1993 - outpacing the increase in house prices by 7%. In England, meanwhile, council tax has risen only 121%.

It's an issue the Tories would be silly not to use to their advantage. But, sooner or later people will start demanding an alternative. And that's where the Conservatives could falter.

Let's take a look at their website. Not a word on alternative policies there. In fact, you have to go back to the 2005 election manifesto for a clear position:

The way in which a government allocates taxpayers' money demonstrates its values. By going to war on waste and ending ineffective public spending programmes, we will achieve these aims.

Is that still the case? If so, which public services would they cut?

Let them have their cake and eat it. Or give us another cake.

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