The truth behind Welsh fat

Is there no end to the surveys saying that Welsh people are the fattest, unhealthiest, stupidest and perhaps even the ugliest in the UK?

Sure, they make great headlines, but the statistics are rarely scrutinised and so, for the sake of an easy story, mud sticks.

Take the BBC's lead last week: Wales top of Britain's sick list

This research was conducted by market research companies CACI and TNS. They target areas by postcode, using an array of official statistics and market data. Funnily enough, they also provide target analysis to supermarkets on localised consumer trends and activity.

According to their survey, Merthyr Tydfil is the most unhealthy town in Britain. And yet a new fast-food complex and giant Tesco store has just opened in the town, no doubt earmarked by some handy market research.

The data which the BBC used to get their top story is produced by CACI to be sold to health providers. No doubt such headlines are very useful to them.

Sometimes, 'Welsh people are fat' just isn't the whole story.

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