What's your favourite Assembly achievement?

That's the question Labour are asking today, ahead of their "achievements document" to be launched on Friday. I suspect some readers of this blog will say it's likely to be quite a thin thesis.

Here are some handy hints from the Labour press office:

Is it your free bus pass, a community
centre which has been given a new lease of life thanks to Assembly
Government investment, or perhaps you've benefited from an initiative to
make Welsh homes more energy efficient.

Err, well none of those things really apply to me. In fact, all the Assembly has ever done is remind me quite how much I paid for everything when I lived in England: tuition fees, dentist costs, prescription charges...

So, what's my favourite Assembly achievement?

Certainly not the website, which is about as easy to navigate as the back-end of a pantomime horse.

My sense is, quite honestly, that as the Assembly and those inside it grow and mature, the best is yet to come. [Cue titles]

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At 12:51 pm, Anonymous seren said...

I thought it was just me with the website - it really is the worst ever. Apart from being visually cluttered, it has a lousy search facility and the simplest things are difficult to find.
I always thought it was fairly symbolic of government's inability to be open and responsive to the people.

At 1:42 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

It's a complete labyrinth. Apparently it was announced with some fanfare two years ago that they'd be getting a much-improved new site.

Still waiting...


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