Who's the real Glyn Davies?

Tory AM Alun Cairns has recently become convinced that the strange Iain Dale/Lembit Opik hybrid currently doing the rounds in the Welsh blogosphere is his inimitable colleague Glyn Davies.

The blog, posting under the pseudonym Chipen Dale, claims to be "the blog of Wales's top Lib Dem supporting male stripper, exotic dancer, flyer, political correspondent, thinker, and man well loved by his gorgeous Romanian girlfriend."

He's recently been forced to deny allegations that he's in any way realted to trousers down with sheep politician Glyn Davies.

Writing a comment on Alun Cairns' blog - and who other than a fellow Tory AM would do that?? - Chipen Dale remarks:

Hand on heart, I do not know this Glyn person. I am me: Chip Dale. And I’m fully aware that the more I claim not to be this Glyn, the more you will think I am him. But I’m not. If I think of a number between 1 and 100, it wouldn’t be the same number somebody called Glyn would think of. What more conclusive proof do you need?

Hanging around the same nightspots? The truth must be told.

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At 11:39 am, Blogger Chippy said...

The Chipster says: I don't even know the man! Honestly. Ask him. I'm sure he'd tell you that we take two totally different thong sizes.


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