Wolves should open its doors to Cardiff fans

A little while back, I wrote that Wolves were right to ban Cardiff fans from attending Molineux tomorrow. I was writing in anger at the trumped-up little turds who were setting off flares and then throwing missiles (unprovoked) at police during and after the Tottenham game.

I wanted the sizable minority of City fans to be told in no uncertain terms that their actions were juvenile and idiotic. Perhaps banning supporters from the Wolves game would cause the Bluebirds to self-reflect, to escape its obsession with victimhood and kick-out the crap from its ranks.

I still believe that Cardiff is in for a tough slog if it's to shake off its yobbish image. But loyal away fans don't tend to be the same people as the spotty mock-Burberry delinquents who cause trouble at home. Moreover, Wolves' decision to lock-out City fans sets a dangerous precedent.

It's good to see politicians such as Leighton Andrews and now, the Sports Minister Alun Pugh backing the Cardiff cause. Who knows, we may still get in. It aint ova till da fat lady sings...

UPDATE: Cariff have just won the game 2-1. Good riddance! How ironic that we win for the first time since November and our fans aren't there to see it.

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