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Now, there's a title which is sure to wreak havoc with the search engines:)

Anyway, thank you, dear readers, for your patience with yet another post about possible coalitions. Heaven forbid that anything else should be happening in the world. But I do get emails and messages from time to time from people with various motivations (not all of them sanitary), so I thought I'd flag up a few...
A chap called Philip Hosking emails to ask for my views on the 'Cornish Question'. Much to my surprise, it is not "butter or clotted cream or both?" (to which the answer would be both), but rather the extent to which Cornwall be granted autonomy from the United Kingdom:

"I am a Penryn born Cornishman from the United Kingdom and a growing Cornish and Breton speaker. I have been raised by a family and community that has endowed me with what can be best described as a Cornish national identity, another way to look at it would be of Cornish ethnicity.

The UK government has so far failed to recognise the Cornish people under the Council of Europe's framework convention for the protection of national minorities.

The UK government has failed to give the people of Cornwall the democratic referendum on greater autonomy and a devolved assembly that they have shown a demand for.

I would like to know your position on national and linguistic minorities and in particular the Cornish question in the United Kingdom."

Personally, I'm all for the idea of Cornish independence, if only because it would create a nation with a worse football team and indigenous accent than Wales.
Peter Hain will leave no stone unlobbied in his bid not to finish last in the Labour party's Deputy Leadership Contest.

He might not get more votes than the other candidates, but he proudly writes on his blog that he has more Facebook friends than them. That's still almost a thousand friends fewer than Ming Campbell, who by Hain's logic must be the most successful politician of all time.

So that's the yoof and the unions covered, they mutter at PHHQ, now for the gays...

Hain informs us (his devoted Facebook chums) that PinkNews is running a Labour leadership survey, which you can sabotage HERE:) The message is accompanied by a list of all the wonderful things he's ever done for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bacon and Tomato) community, though he makes no mention of services to tanning.
And Sion Jobbins of dotcym.org (who would surely prefer to be Sion Jobbins of dotcym.cym) emails to remind me of the ongoing campaign to put cym on the map (just as long as we don't tell the Russian porn barons how to pronounce it).

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At 7:59 pm, Anonymous der said...

Come on Blamerbell....surely Mr Hoskins deserves a more serious reply.....

At 8:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the Cornish pay attention to those amongst them who campaign for more recognition of Cornish culture and Cornishness and aren't being used, like we Welsh, as a tool in a quest by an obscure marginal group for the constitutional entrenchment and funding of harps and love spoons.

On the Labour Deputy Leadership, lets get a few thousand more votes for Cruddas in to send Labour hurtling comically to the left.

At 8:40 pm, Blogger Mark Leslie Woods said...

Let me get this correct: you consider yourself a credible individual, and you are advocating 'sabotaging' PinkNews?

What kind of a homophobic and backward creep are you?

Since when is sabotaging a site okay -- or does it being the 'Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato' site make it okay, you bigoted schmuck?

Why is mocking gay people funny? Shame on you!

At 9:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you're a troll Mark, but in case you're not let it be known that Blamerbell is honourable enough to mock people of all persuasions, be they political, sexual or a combination of the two.

On what basis do you believe that Labour-voting non-heterosexuals should be exempt?

At 9:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

.cym is a terrible idea for a welsh domain. couldnt we have campaigned for .CMU or anything other than DOT CYM!

and Mark Leslie Woods, stop being an idiot!! If you want to have a moan then this blog and that article isnt one to moan about.

if you end up seeing an article that's blatantly homophobic on here then you've gota right to moan, but you're making an issue out of nothing. get a grip

:) <--- Smiley Face, as in "in jest"

At 9:32 pm, Blogger Alwyn ap Huw said...

In fairness to Blamerbell, I think that you have misread his suggestion, Marc. What he is suggesting is sabotaging Peter Hain's attempts to abuse the PinkNews Deputy Leadership opinion poll.

At 10:22 pm, Blogger Mark Leslie Woods said...

I note how the two cowards who oppose my comments are 'anonymous'. Speaks volumes.

And I haven't lived in Europe long enough to know how to properly 'moan', I merely 'object vigorously' when pushed.

And no, I will not back down, when I smell bigotry. I have fought for too long to have the right not to have the cops beat the living crap out of me for being gay, and I don't like punks who thinks it's chic to mock gays, lesbians and transgender people as a kind of deli sandwich.

Perhaps Hain is a political opportunist, but Blamerbell should have a little more sense than to suggest 'sabotaging' a gay website, for any reason.

Try suggesting 'sabotaging' a Jewish website, even in jest, and see if you get away with it.

And as I recall, Jews and gays burned equally quickly in the gas chambers.

Gays should not be exempt from legitimate satire or criticism, but mocking their name 'GLBT' as something funny, is schoolyard behaviour.

At 10:42 pm, Blogger Mark Leslie Woods said...

On second thought, you're right -- I need to 'get a grip' -- this is after all, a country where children are brutally mocked for having red hair, and where Anne Robinson can call the Welsh 'annoying' and the Welsh are too cuckold after 600 years, not to demand her nasty weasel head on a plate.

I'm booking my flight to politically correct South Florida right now.

At 11:06 pm, Anonymous Harvey said...

Mr Woods you are a typical American puritan, absolutely no sense of humor.

Pesonally I think you are the bigoted schmuck. And what happened to you your sense of humor? got flushed down the toilet over the Atlantic!!

At 11:09 pm, Anonymous Deri said...

I'm outraged! How DARE someone make a passing reference to a homosexual website in anything less than hushed, reverential terms.


No doubt Blamerbell has issues with his sexuality, is trying to hide something, and any number of other tired gay clichés.

(flounces off and tries to calm down with a Desperate Housewives DVD like an absurd stereotype...)

At 11:12 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

You're right der, he does deserve a better reply. I'm sure you all have something to say on the issue.

I think they deserve at least a box on the census form...

As for the other stuff, I wouldn't want anyone to take offence. However, the website might as well be run by martians or even cornish people for that matter... The sentiment would be the same: jest.

I'm afraid mark loses points for bringing up the third reich - surely an automatic disqualification from any argument:)

At 11:27 pm, Blogger Glyn Davies said...

I'm a member of the Campaign for Upland Montgomeryshire. I don't know the organisation's email address

At 11:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i post anon because I have no account Mark! but you are right, im a blatant homophobe, and I spend all day sabotaging gay websites, especially ones containing Welsh deputy leadership candidates.

it wasnt about sabotaging a Gay website, it was said in jest about sabotaging "A" websites voting concerning the deputy leadership. and it wasnt advocating anyway you schmuck! and if it was the readership of this blog can make their own desicions!

you're trying to making an issue out of nothing. you have all this usless amunition you've been dying to spew out and you think you've had the slightest sniff of homophobia and out it comes.you're wasting your time here.

"politically correct" south florida eh? the same florida where many black people were not allowed to vote in the Gore-Bush election, amongst all the other voting controversies there!

now if you don't mind I'm off to google "peter hain" and "Jewish" to see what fun I can have :)

(you see what I did there Mark son, smiley face, as in not serious, in Jest. It works when it's used in an appropriate situation)

At 11:47 pm, Blogger Mark Leslie Woods said...

I have a confession: It was all a silly hoax! And I fell so ashamed of myself -- I may never eat a Welsh cake, again!

Look, you guys, I was just kidding, but I thought that Blamerbell needed a little animated jab to get the party really going, so I take it all back, o-kay, kiss and make better, uh-huh?

Some day, I'll invite you all over for a round of ginger ale and iced tea and I'll tell you how blogs really work.

Controversy is the key, you see. Now let's all have a great big, Yankee hugfest, why not? Let me show you how . . .

And here's a bit of my humourless treatment of Cymru -- why not spice up my life a little, kids?

Please see: http://welshmusicfilmandbookssymposium.blogspot.com/2007/06/intentionally-outward-looking-welsh.html

At 12:21 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark Leslie Woods said...

"I have a confession: It was all a silly hoax! And I fell so ashamed of myself -- I may never eat a Welsh cake, again!"

Oh now that's patronising;-)

What are you on? You're lucky the Welsh are famous for a sense of humour so keep alert for the wit in the writing. Also learn how to moan properly if you're so inclined;-)

No welsh cake for you tonight since you upset the smooth running of the quest for a new government.

At 9:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm off to Cornwall this weekend with the family and will spend our cash on Cornish real ale and seafood. Fortunately, we stay in a living fishing village full of Corns, including incomers who have taken on a Cornish identity and contribute hugely to the area.

Cornwall can only gain from a campaign for greater recognition as its unique character is its biggest selling point. Unfortunately, I think that in many ways it has already lost too much to argue the case for autonomy. It will take some outward looking Corns with a lot of backbone to stand their ground and argue the case, which I believe Meybion Kernow are doing to an extent.

Good luck to them. Identity is a human trait that we should take pride in and not scorn; a lesson that Labour are still to learn.

At 9:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dot.cym is as much about the economy as identity.

It should have support from all political parties that want to sell Wales on the world stage.

Any thoughts to the contrary?

At 10:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the dogs name?

At 10:56 am, Blogger Penddu said...

Mark Leslie Woods.... ;0)

At 2:04 pm, Blogger Christopher Glamorgan said...

Poor Blamerbell, one day crowned in Europe and the next being verbally attacked by a modern looking Bond villain. Whatever next?

At 2:09 pm, Anonymous elio said...

What's wrong with the Welsh accent or the Cornish one for that matter? Sounds to me that blamerbell is a bit of a Dic Sion Dafydd or Uncle Tom as Mr Woods would no doubt term it.

Larfing at the Welsh accent - of course in relaity there are lots of em - that's what those oh so politically correct comics. God I hate PC comics - Harry Enfield excepted - smug tossers, give me an honest old git like Bernard Manning anyday.

Cornish independence? If for it, although if I was truthful I'd rather see them become part of Wales - that would strengthen the Rainbow at least and consign the "socialists" to St Fagans where they rightfully belong.

At 4:52 pm, Blogger Der said...

I've never been to Cornwall but I am tempted to visite there some time in the not too distant future. I have met a few Cornish here and there but I wasn't aware that there was such a strong identity there. The ones that I met thought come to think of it did identify themselves as Cornish. I have visited this forum a few times...quite interesting.


At 8:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should go to the celtic festivals in Brittany - the Cornish are out in force.
They have strong celtic tradtions and are pround of it
I lived in Plymouth for a while and loved to go over the border. That was twenty years ago, meibion kernow were active then.
Heres some cornish - 0-10
mann onan dew tri peswar pymp hwegh seyth eth naw deg

What fine weather! - Ass yw brav an gewer!
Looks familar

At 9:48 pm, Anonymous fluffy lovebucket said...

I'm a member of the Campaign for Upland Montgomeryshire. I don't know the organisation's email address

If Sion Jobbins gets his way it'll be CUM.cym

The porn barons will love us... we should nationalise the domain name now and make a packet when we're independent.

At 4:16 pm, Blogger Pads said...

/meibion kernow were active then./

They still are. Mebyon Kernow even have a number of elected councillors.


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