The nationalists are changing the rules at Westminster.

Over three years after the invasion of Iraq parliament will today vote on whether or not to hold a public review into the lead-up to the war and its aftermath.

Seems eminently sensible. So why is it an SNP/Plaid motion and not a Lib Dem/Tory one?

On this and on cash for peerages the nationalists are leading the opposition in holding the government to account. These are key issues that resonate up and down the country.

Who wouldn't have sided with Plaid's Adam Price in this exchange last year?

Adam Price (East Carmarthen and Dinefwr) (PC): Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the vote on the war in Iraq. A motion of impeachment is before us, and there is compelling evidence that the Prime Minister misled the House in taking us to war. Is it not high time that we held him to account—

Mr. Speaker: Order. The hon. Gentleman must withdraw that remark.

Adam Price: I cannot in all conscience withdraw that remark.

Mr. Speaker: Then I ask the hon. Gentleman to leave the Chamber.

He left the chamber for saying what the majority of the population take as given. That's a boost for principle and two-fingers to parliamentary convention and unaccountability.

There's an opportunity to deal a real blow to the government today, with the Lib Dems and up to 30 Labour MPs siding with the nationalists. Will the Tories have the balls to join them?

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