Who's sleeping with the nationalists?

Coalition talk is beginning to dominate Welsh politics in the run up to next year's Assembly elections.

Plaid aren't ruling out an agreement with Labour.

The Tories will buddy up to anyone apart from Labour.

And the Lib Dems have already specified what flavour biscuits they'd like at the first cabinet meeting with their Labour chums after the election.

That deal is all but sewn up. The electorate, meanwhile, is being stitched up.

Parties should either contest the election as a pre-formed coalition or put a stop to the conjecture.

They won't, of course, because it's a political game.

The Tories love the idea that they can ruffle some nationalist feathers by talking up the possibility of a coalition with Plaid.

Plaid countered that by threatening to get into bed with Rhodri (and Julie) Morgan.

Problem is it's a bit crowded in there already with the Lib Dems' Mike German snuggled up and dreaming of becoming deputy first minister.

You do sense, though, that the Tories are itching for power. They're even prepared to care about the NHS. And if they can do that they might fancy their chances of sweet talking anyone.

But they need to be caereful that they're not seen as the loose woman of Welsh politics. By all means get into bed with whoever can make you happy - but shut the door and close the curtains.

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