Cameron: Elfyn who?

David Cameron's in Cardiff today talking tough love on anti-social behaviour.

Over 7,000 ASBOs have been issued since their introduction, and 40% of these have been breached.

Cameron's solution is to be tougher on those who cross the line. He wants more young people imprisoned for breaching ASBOs - somewhat controversial given that most of the individual offences in ASBOs wouldn't normally result in a custodial sentence.

So it's tough love for the delinquents and tough luck for the prison service who'll have to house them.


Speaking at a press call today, Cameron couldn't remember the name of Plaid's leader in the commons.

Elfyn Llwyd should probably stop missing key votes sponsored by his party if he wants to make more of an impression on the big political hitters.

Cameron was under the impression that Adam Price was Plaid's main man in Westminster because he's the most 'voluminous'.

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