Coalition chatter on the blogs

There's over six months still to go until the Welsh Assembly elections, but the political bloggers are already wondering who they'd like to get into bed with on May 4th. Will it be Lib-Lab? Or a rainbow coalition of everyone else? Or even Plib-Plab - everyone but the Tories?

Peter Black (Lib Dem)

The Welsh Liberal Democrats, as they demonstrated in the last partnership government, are not in the business of seeking power for its own sake. Our objective will be to implement as many of our policies as possible and we will not be abandoning important principles just to save Labour's hide.

Glyn Davies (Tory)

The alternative must be a Government without Labour - or in other words a Plaid/Lib Dem/Tory Government led by the biggest party after Labour - which I have not the slightest doubt will be the new, modern, reasonable Tories.

Some people don't think that I am serious about this. Well, think on this. I am going around being really nice to and about Mick Bates (really nice man) which for me is the political equivilent of eating cooked rat.

This is going to run and run. Especially since the Tories, Lib Dems and Plaid have only half a year to find red, green, indigo and violet parties to join them.

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