Going Japanese in the Assembly

The Japanese ambassador was at the Assembly yesterday. They kept that very quiet.

Good job we have so many blogging AMs to fill us in on the details.

Carl Sargeant blogs on the ambassador getting into an awkward corner with the irrepressible Brynle Williams.

And Glyn Davies tells us how Japan only won the war with Russia in 1905 thanks to Welsh support - at least according to the first minister:

Rhodri Morgan was in fine form - telling us about the historical effectiveness of Welsh - Japanese cooperation. It seems that in the war between Japan and Russia some 100 years ago, it was the link with Wales that delivered victory to the Japanese. At that time early knowledge of the approaching fleet was crucial in sea battle - with both sides looking out for the smoke rising from ship's funnels, before the ships themselves came into sight over the horizon. The Japanese used Welsh coal which did not create any smoke at all which gave the Japanese the winning advantage. As Rhodri said, when Wales and Japan work in harness, they can overcome the most formidable challenge.

Of course, the Japan-Russia war came after a brutal war with China and just before the annexation of Korea. It kickstarted Japan's imperial adventure which then resulted in the second world war. Glad we could help.

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