Ioan Gruffudd's Japanese admirers

Just been checking through referrals to this site and and I came across THIS - a Japanese blog dedicated to Ioan Gruffudd.

The Gruffudd Girls Blog keeps what I can only assume is a flock of Hornblower-loving Japanese women informed of all Ioan's latest escapades.

However, it starts badly, falling into the usual trap of assuming that Wales is in England. The title page - Gruffudd Girls BLOG 英国ウェールズ出身の俳優 Ioan Gruffudd ヨアン・グリフィズ ブログ - literally means 'English Welsh Actor Ioan Gruffudd (or rather Yoan Gurifizu) Blog.'

You can't argue with its nose for news, however. The latest Burberry developments I blogged on earlier are all there.

I'll certainly bear it in mind next time I want to look at some lovely Ioan pictures, like this one:

(not many faces like that in Aberdare)

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At 3:43 pm, Anonymous Chris Doidge said...

You should just be glad you're not in London, like the rest of England.

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