Plaid: 'Bring the boys back home'

Plaid and the SNP are frantically trying to gather names to back an amendment to the Queen's speech on Wednesday.

The amendment calls on the government to outline their Iraq strategy before parliament breaks for Christmas.

I spoke to Plaid's Adam Price MP earlier, who said that they need at least as many votes as Liberal Democrat members in the house to get the amendment called by the speaker. He was enraged that the prime minister will give evidence to the Baker study group in America, but won't speak to his own parliament about the issue.

There's a historical precedent for the move - in 1923 the Liberal Party tabled an amendment to the King's Speech, which demanded withdrawal from Mesopotamia (now Iraq).

I'm told the Queen's speech hasn't been successfully amended by opposition politicians in forty years.

The nationalists, backed this time by Ken Clarke among others, are punching above their weight in Westminster yet again. It's unlikely they'll get this amendment through, but if it's called, it will at least liven up what is usually a pretty turgid parliamentary session.

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