Budget crisis means new cars for the Tories

Wales briefly entertained the prospect of a non-Labour government today, before Ieuan Wyn Jones pulled the plug on it all with this statement:

'Any discussion of a coalition is unrealistic. Labour are the party in Government and they have the responsibility to deliver that budget. The issue remains whether or not Rhodri Morgan will put more money into education,' he said.

Word is that Plaid AMs forced him into a corner and poked him in the ribs until he clarified his earlier position, which hinted that he'd be prepared to go into coalition with the Tories and the Lib Dems if Labour was defeated on the budget.

The Tories, bless them, got somewhat carried away with it all. And the slightest sniff of power brought out their true colours, as they got to work on the blogs, dreaming of all the perks government would bring.

Alun Cairns:
Glyn and I had checked out the Ministerial cars to decide which one suited us best. I had visions of the chauffer picking me up in the morning, carrying my red box. I have always fancied Rhodri Morgan’s office and wondered whether I could negotiate an agreement with the others, in view of my need for a play pen for Henri. (Well, worth a try!) and wondered to where would my first overseas Ministerial visit be; New Zealand, Australia - I may even catch the Test Match...

Glyn Davies:
Bang goes my chance of being a Minister. No huge Ministerial salary. No Ministerial car. No huge staff to prepare my speeches etc. etc. etc.

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