Not a Cairns in the world

Right, with that meaningless pun out of the way, what on earth is Alun Cairns talking about HERE?

After their group meeting at 12:00pm they stated that they would stand shoulder to shoulder with the Conservatives and Lib Dems and vote against the proposed budget unless there was additional money for education. - at least consistent with the early part of last week.

However, by 3pm this afternoon, they had issued a statement that they were going into negotiations with Labour, privately.

At Plaid's 12pm press conference, Ieuan Wyn Jones could not have removed himself from the other opposition parties any more emphatically. He couldn't trust them and they told all his best secrets in public, he said, tearing off the head of his Nick Bourne voodoo doll under the desk.

In fact, he was positively fuming with the Tories. It was just the sort of performance many Plaid AMs and strategists had been yearning for.

Anyway, the budget awaits...

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