Plaid will not govern with the Tories

It's been a busy day for the press secretaries of the Welsh political parties:

'Airbus investment welcome,' says Plaid.
'Airbus vote of confidence in Welsh workforce,' say Alun Cairns and Cheryl Gillan for the Tories.
'Plaid Health policy inflexible and narrow-minded,' rants Jonathan Morgan.
'Corus bidding war creates uncertainty for workers,' adds Plaid - the only party to go with that one.

But this week is only about one thing: Wednesday and the Assembly budget.

Lib Dem leader Mike German was saying today that he will not budge. Unless the opposition's demands are met, he'll vote against the budget.

The noises from the Plaid camp are much more subdued, however. Most Plaid AMs would rather cut off their right leg, put it in a mincer and eat it between two slices of certain death than go into coalition with the Tories. Yesterday, their leader, Ieuan Wyn Jones, suggested there'd be no coalition before the next election. In truth, there'll be no coalition ever.

Plaid will probably find some excuse to let the budget through on Wednesday. Their plan was always to hang Labour out to dry, but they never thought they'd be hanging out there with them.

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