Nationalist funding hypocrisy exposed?

This week's political punchbag is Plaid Cymru. They're launching their election campaign tomorrow, so it's no surprise the other parties should want to embarrass them. And that's exactly what Labour think they've done:

Nationalists in Wales faced ridicule today after it was revealed that they were receiving the majority of its money for the Assembly campaign from England.

Apart from some confusion over personal pronouns, an interesting story...

The revelation came within minutes of Plaid Cymru calling on Welsh political parties to fight the Assembly campaign "using only finance, staff
and resources from Wales".

Plaid Cymru was left a legacy of £330,000 by Howel Vaughan Lewis, of south
London, which it will use to bankroll its Assembly campaign.

Ouch! Now for the attack dog:

Labour Mid and West Wales candidate ALUN DAVIES said:

"Labour is proud to be a British party. We believe in the strength of the
union and that Wales works best as part of the United Kingdom.

"Plaid Cymru's hypocrisy has been exposed by this latest cheap publicity
stunt. Before issuing press releases challenging political parties to use
money directly from Wales, it should check the sources of its own funds."

So, over-egging from Labour, or egg on the face for Plaid? One thing I'll guarantee: this won't be the first Wales v Britain tiff of the election campaign.

UPDATE: It seems the Plaid press release in question was embargoed for tomorrow. Labour are getting their defence in early.

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At 10:10 pm, Anonymous seren said...

Attack dog? More like being savaged by a dead sheep [(c) Dennis Healey].

If that's the best Labour can do, it's in deep shit.

Howel Vaughan Lewis didn't donate cash for a peerage, a minister's post, win contracts or influence government policy.

At 9:37 am, Blogger Mr Gasyth said...

Howel Vaughan Lewis was a Cardi born and bred who moved to London where he made his fortune. Not quite the same as being banckrolled by Bermda-based businessmen is it.


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