A Plaid and Labour love in?

Plaid's deputy leader Rhodri Glyn Thomas:

I believe a good working majority means at least 34 votes. If Labour were in coalition with Plaid after the election, it is possible that we could have 40 seats between us. But there would certainly be at least 34, freeing up Ministers to do their jobs without the handicap of being tied in to the Assembly for most of the week.

Perhaps they should just join forces *before* the election and be done with it. Anything else is just cheating Welsh voters, isn't it?

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posted by Blamerbell @ 10:05 am,


At 12:09 pm, Anonymous seren said...

Can't Rhodri Glyn Thomas just change his middle name to Stupid and be done with it?

99 days to go to the election is not a good time to be talking about coalition with anyone, least of all the party of war, PFI and corruption.

Put that glass of red wine to one side Rhodri and start campaigning for a Plaid government!


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