Gibbons: NHS needs more managers

What's the best way to deal with the crumbling NHS in Wales?

Could it be employing more front-line staff? Supplying more beds? Investing in better equipment and training staff to use it? Providing patients with drugs and treatment they currently have to travel miles to receive?

No. Top of Health Minister Brian Gibbons' wish list is another tier of managers:

"We will be changing the structure of the health service in south-east Wales with more managers being employed and staff being used more effectively.

"Managers are being interviewed this week and we are hoping to get the right people into the right jobs."

Dr Gibbons also warned that it would take time to sort out deep-rooted problems in the NHS. After ten years of Labour government, patients waiting eleven hours in A&E or being driven there in a fire truck may wonder if employing yet more managers is the best solution.

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