I don't believe it! Peter Hain for DPM?

Peter Hain's campaign for the Deputy Leadership of the Labour party goes multi-media today.

Hot on the heels of Jane Davidson, Hain has decided that one social-networking site can't possibly be enough, so he's launched simultaneously on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Flickr. There's a swanky new official website too with celebrity endorsements from Richard Wilson (Victor Meldrew) and... OK well, just him really, but it's a start.

The pitfalls of the internet are, however, already out to derail the Hain campaign. Some joker has registered the username peter_hain and set the profile to private, while the real thing has had to settle for the username peterhain and gives an astonishingly frank account of his run-ins with a tanning machine.

And just when you thought there was no more room on the internet for Hain's virtual campaign machinery, there's also a new blog for us all to get stuck into. Only one post so far but it's meaty stuff: "We need real renewal and by that I mean a genuine open debate about what would constitute an exciting radical inspiring policy agenda that can reconnect us with that progressive majority that exists in Britain."

Good to see the television soundbites haven't wormed their way into Hain's new online empire.

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